Sunday, 5 June 2016

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This week the news came that writer Carla Lane had died. How could I have forgotten her?
Creator of The Liver Birds and Bread which provided me with a lorra lorra laughs.

One of my nephews' wife who hails from Windsor, reminded me that I had also forgotten to pay tribute to Liverpool City of Culture 2008 and the Echo reminded me of Phil Redmond and all he had done to promote our fair city.

I am preparing to get out the bubbly because I have finished the book I have been writing - the first since my stroke. Fittingly it is called Walking Back to Happiness and is set at the beginning of the Sixties. The title is that of the Helen Shapiro song which was a hit towards the end of 1961. I am just waiting for my agent's comments and then hopefully the publisher's.

In July I do have a paperback and Ebook out called A SISTER'S DUTY by Ebury, which is a reprint of my FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN.  LILY'S WAR is out in paperback and has just been released as a Ebook and audiobook as well.

I am now planning to write a series of faction sagas centred on my ancestry  starting in the 1830s up to modern times. It is a big challenge and entails a lot of research and the first book will be titled AND THEY CAME TO LIVERPOOL.  So wish me luck, please?

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